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gen-mohammad-ibrahim-ahmadzaiServing under the Afghan flag to protect the people and defend the country is a wish that every brave Afghan would like to be admired for. The Afghan National Defence and Security Forces (ANDSF) are becoming stronger by the day with more Afghans volunteering to serve.

In an interview with Sada-e Azadi magazine, General Mohammad Ibrahim Ahmadzai, the Afghan National Army Recruiting (ANAREC) Commander, outlined the enlistment process so that locals around the country who desire to join the forces can act.

Gen. Ahmadzai explained the vital role of the 39 recruitment centres in 34 provinces throughout the country. “Recruitment Command Centres around the country are established to support the ANA’s new personnel intake,” he said. “We recruit soldiers, non-commissioned officers and officers for the ANA and the Afghan Air Force.”

The new recruits are required to undergo a series of physical and medical tests before completing the in-processing documents.

According to Gen. Ahmadzai, the recruits will be sent to one of the several training centres around the country. “Allocation of the recruits to the training centres depends on the centres capacity,” Gen. Ahmadzai said. “Kabul Military Training Centre (KMTC) which has capacity for seven Battalions (Kandak)," he added. "With all the regional training centres in Gardez, Herat, Kandahar, Mazar-e Sharif and Helmand province, can train several thousand recruits at any given time.”

Recruitment Command Centres in provincial capitals and districts are known to people. “Every day about 200 people are coming to the recruitment centres to join the national army and serve their country,” Gen. Ahmadzai told Sada-e Azadi magazine.

The officers and personnel in the recruitment centres are working 24/7 including Fridays and holidays to ensure a smooth in-processing experience for the recruits.recuitment

“As a standard requirement to join the Army, the applicants should be an Afghan citizen, be faithful to the teachings of Islam and territorial integrity of Afghanistan, no membership in other government security agencies, no criminal record, and no drug addiction,” said the General. “The age requirement for male recruits is between 18 and 26 year and for females, 18 and 36.” Gen. Ahmadzai added that high school graduates who meet all the preliminary requirements could also qualify for the ANA Officers Course and Afghan Air Force training.

Ahmad Jawad, a recruit from Baghlan province is very excited that he joined the ANA. “I come here to serve my people. I joined the ANA to fight and eliminate terrorism in my country and bring long-lasting peace and stability to our beloved Afghanistan,” he told Sada-e Azadi. Sediqullah from Kandahar province, another young Afghan who just enlisted said that terrorists that kill innocent people are the enemies of my country. Our young generation is strong and the only real protectors of the people and the country. “I say to young people that by joining the ANDSF, they can help their families and they can secure a prosperous and peaceful future for our people and our children,” he said.