Tue, Sep

President Ghani: A New Window is Open Now for Peace Talks to Succeed


President-Ghani-3President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani spoke this afternoon with a number of journalists via video teleconference from Germany about his health condition as well as the recent developments in Afghanistan and the region.

In the video teleconference, President Ghani said that the recent developments put an end to a bitter phase and open a new window to a bright future.

In response to a question concerning recent developments in the country and the region and their effect on the peace process, the President said that he has discussed the matter with the Prime Minister and Chief of Army Staff of Pakistan.

President Ghani added that the obligation of Pakistan, as a neighbor and state that has relations with Afghanistan, is to cooperate in quelling the activities of the Taliban and other terrorist groups so as to reduce the level of violence in Afghanistan.

Concerning the death of Mullah Omar, the President said that confirmation of the information on the death of Mullah Omar by the government of Afghanistan forced the Taliban to admit his death.

Touching on the peace talks, the President reiterated that armed opposition groups solve their political problems by way of negotiations as a new window of opportunity has opened for durable peace and cessation of war and violence in the country and region.

The President stressed that our main goal is peace, peace between the sovereign states of Afghanistan and Pakistan, as Pakistan has been in a state of undeclared war with our country over the last fourteen years. He added that this war should end and that the governments should cooperate with each other to that end.

Calling regional and international terrorism a big danger for Afghanistan and Pakistan, the President said that he had called for increased regional cooperation in fighting terrorism at the summits of Shanghai Cooperation Organization and BRICS in Ufa, Russia.

Reiterating that the government of Afghanistan is not responsible for the civilian casualties, the President stressed that all sides should act to reduce violence by seeking political solution to the problems in the framework of the peace process. He added that there is regional and international consensus on the issue as well.

President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani also said that he is content about the result of the surgery on his foot and that he feels much better now.