Tue, Sep

NDS arrests 30 suspects in recent Kabul attacks


ndsThe spy service on Monday claimed arresting 30 Haqqani Network and Taliban’s Peshawar Shura members involved in a string of recent terrorist attacks in Kabul and a planned attack on the Presidential Palace.

The National Directorate of Security (NDS) in a statement said the men had been detained on the outskirts of capital Kabul.

They included Qari Janan, the Taliban’s shadow district chief for Deh Sabz district, who belonged to the Peshawar Shura.

Other detainees included Israr Ahmad, Malik and Mustafa, leaders of the groups who carried out terrorist attacks in Shah Shaheed, the Kabul Airport and Macroryan areas, it said.

The NDS statement termed the arrested individuals as dangerous and said they had been planning another 13 attacks in Kabul.

The three massive attacks that took place within 24 hours left more than 50 people killed and hundreds wounded, mostly civilians, earlier this month.