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President Ghani: Ulema’s Role Key in Fighting Corruption


prsident-ghani-meet-ulemaPresident Mohammad Ashraf Ghani attended this morning at a conference “Islam and the Fight against Corruption”, held in Kabul.

In this conference in Amani High School, President Ghani called Ulema as the heirs of the Messengers and attached key importance to their role in fighting corruption.

Pointing to the Sharia instructions on fighting corruption, President Ghani said that justice is the axial principle in the political philosophy of Islam, where the Almighty says, “Allah does not like the corrupt.” The President also quoted from the Prophet (PBUH) as, “The curse of the Almighty will be upon the bribe taker, bribe giver and the middleman.”

President Ghani termed corruption as an evil phenomenon and added that the government has developed a comprehensive plan to fight corruption as a primary task.

President Ghani explained that corruption was more seen in contracts, land and property, narcotics, smuggling of goods at customs, and government appointments where the government has taken effective measures to fight but of course with the support of the Ulema.

Reiterating the government’s commitment to bringing reforms in state institutions, President Ghani said that any corrupt official will face legal action.

Speaking about banking system, President Ghani said that the government has reviewed all banking systems and has come up with the decision to use the experience of banking systems in the Islamic World, and establish a system of Islamic banking in Afghanistan. On the need to issue legal title and deeds to residential properties constructed outside the government’s plan, the President said that the government will begin working on developing specific programs within weeks.

In the end, President Ghani called the Ulema’s contribution in fighting corruption highly significant and necessary, and commended their stance against this evil phenomenon. President Ghani added that an overall national jihad (national wide struggle) is required to effectively eliminate corruption, and called upon Ulema to mobilize people to that end.