Tue, Sep

US upbeat about RECCA-VI, SOM outcomes


US Deputy Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan Laura Miller on Sunday said the recent Regional Economic Conference on Afghanistan (RECCA) and the Senior Officials Meeting (SOM) were positive signs for Afghanistan and hoped the conferences would prove effective in the future.

The US official, who called on Afghan Foreign Minister Salahuddin Rabani, said the latest multinational summits had been successful.

Rabbani highlighted the importance of regional cooperation with Afghanistan, which he said was rich in natural resources but needed foreign support to tap its underground wealth.
He said the government of Afghanistan had assured the international community that it would work to eradicate corruption, fight terrorism, implement reforms, support the private sector and improve relations with neighbouring and regional countries.

The sixth RECCA conference was held in capital Kabul on Thursday and Friday. High-level delegations from 30 countries and representatives from 40 international organisations took part in the conference.
The European Union (EU) also urged the Afghan government to move from words to deeds to show the Afghan people it was serious about implementing reforms.
At the Senior Officials' Meeting in Kabul, the international community reiterated its support for the Afghan people, a statement from the EU mission in Kabul said.
It said the meeting commended the Afghan government and the international community's efforts to refresh the Tokyo Mutual Accountability Framework --- a mutual agreement for cooperation between the government of Afghanistan and the international community.