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Dozens of Insurgents Killed in Countrywide Operations


ana-soldiers-eastDozens of insurgents have been killed in a number of military operations in the past 24 hours around the country, said officials on Sunday.

Among those killed were at least seven insurgents including two "Pakistani terrorists" in a clash with security forces in northern Sar-e-Pul province on Saturday, said officials.

The clashes took place after a number of Taliban insurgents attacked a convoy of military vehicles.

There were no civilian nor military casualties during the incident.

Meanwhile, in eastern Khost province, at least 12 Taliban insurgents were killed and dozens more were injured in a clash with the Afghan National Army (ANA), local officials said.

Gen. Faizullah Ghairat, head of the police force in Khost said that the clash took place after the insurgents attacked a military base in Chenargai village in Bak district of the province.

The local officials said that the insurgents crossed the border from Pakistan and attacked the base.

In western Farah, at least 19 insurgents were killed and 27 other insurgents were injured in clashes with security forces in the Khak-e-Safid district of the province, Daoud Rahmani, a spokesman for the military forces in the province said.

He said that the security forces have however secured the district after the Taliban had surrounded it for two days.

Rahmani said the operation still continues but that two soldiers have been injured.

However, the Taliban have not yet commented about the operations.