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Serving with honour in the skies


ana-medicAn Afghan pilot, with a steady grip on the controls and limitless energy braves incoming fire to save his brothers in arms. Flight Officer Lieutenant Ebadullah is the commander of an Afghan Air Force (AAF) medical evacuation helicopter. He airlifts wounded Afghan Nation Defence and Security Forces (ANDSF) from the battlefield to the medical facilities, as well as resupplies soldiers who are actively engaged in operations.

Lt. Ebadullah, chose to work with in AAF because he wanted to apply his skills in the service of the country, his people and his comrades. "The ANDSF is a family and we support our family to the best of our abilities. We are all very motivated and committed to fighting for our country," he said. “When I receive an order to fly ammunition to our brothers fighting, it is an honour to be entrusted with this mission. This is something to be proud of; everyone should take pride in serving our nation."

Lt. Ebadullah has had countless achievements throughout his career, but his proudest mission was aiding more than forty ANDSF soldiers who were engaged in fighting insurgents in Chahardara district of Kunduz province.

Lt. Ebadullah is proud of his work, whether flying medical evacuations of wounded colleagues from the battlefield or rescuing civilians from natural disasters like avalanches, landslides or earthquakes. "I feel I am a real servant of my country. I do not care to whom I give a helping hand and the important point is to save lives and fight for the goodness of my people and country."

Saving lives is a daily activity for this pilot and he says he is ready day or night to answer the call for assistance, often at risk to himself and his aircraft. On an operation in Faryab province to evacuate a wounded soldier, he remembers, "insurgent's fire hit our helicopter, and we sustained some mechanical damage, but when I saw my wounded countrymen, I drew strength and felt it was my duty to get him to the hospital."

When he is off duty, Lt. Ebadullah is rejuvenated by spending time with his 5 sons and two daughters. "I love to be home playing with my children, but I am also teaching them how to be committed to their country and their people."

Lt. Ebadullah's family members told Sada-e Azadi they are very proud of him, providing support and encouragement because they know the important role all ANSDF have in keeping the country safe. Abdul Kabir, a pilot and colleague of Lt. Ebadullah, spoke highly of his fellow pilot. "I am very proud to work with him. He is strong and committed to his people, and he loves his job. He is one of our real heroes in 209th Shaheen Corps."