Thu, Sep

President stresses improved urban situation


president-Ghani-4President Ashraf Ghani on Monday welcomed an evaluation report about major cities and said urban areas should serve as an asset for economic development but the case was different in Afghanistan.

Chairing a meeting about the country’s urbanization phenomenon at the Presidential Palace, the president said it was for the second time that a report about facts and figures with relevant information had been presented.

He said it was now clear to the government that how many homes were registered in the country and most of such residences in the report had been identified both from the satellite and on the ground.

Ghani regretted the construction of unplanned houses in the past due the absence of a firm policy and said the government had little information about such structures.

He, however, said from today onwards the registration of unknown buildings and residencies would be kicked off and the authorities concerned would register as many as 16,000 homes in one month.

He lamented that most of the people had chosen to live in Kabul, making it hard for the government to pay equal attention to other cities. He said urban populations should be distributed on equal bases.

Earlier, the Central Statistics Organisation (CSO) in its statistical yearbook for 2014 on Wednesday estimated Afghanistan’s populations at 30 million people.

Ghani said with people’s help the central capital city would be made such a modern capital upon which its residents would feel proud. The president most of the ministries and government offices would be transferred to Darul Aman locality.

Urban Development Minister Syed Mansour Sadat said urbanization and residential schemes were an important component for the country’s economic growth which was ignored in the past.

He called the cities evaluation report as a great achievement upon which future strategies could be made.