Tue, Sep

Equipped for night operations


The modernization of the Afghan National Defence and Security Forces (ANDSF) equipment is tangible proof of the enduring brotherhood that has developed over the past decade between the coalition forces and our brave ANDSF.

Recently, our heroes have been issued and trained to use night-vision goggles to identify and destroy insurgents preparing to plant Improvised Explosive Devices (IED) on roadways or terrorize innocent civilians.

Jan Ali Sultani, spokesmen of the Afghan National Civil Order Police (ANCOP) explained the night vision goggles will significantly improve ANDSF capabilities. "The coalition forces provided night vision devices so we can conduct night operations efficiently. This advanced equipment allows us to see clearly in the dark."

The ANCOP spokesman praised the coalition forces for their assistance. "The Resolute Support (RS) mission has been a strong and consistent supporter of the ANCOP," he said. "Insurgents used to attack the people at night, but thanks to this equipment we can save the lives of civilians and our soldiers."

Mr. Sultani said the night vision goggles led success on a recent ANCOP operation in Nowzad district in Helmand province. "Our soldiers standing watch duty identified insurgents sneaking towards them one night," he explained. "With the help of the night vision goggles, one soldier was able to clearly identify the enemy, and alerted his unit. The ANCOP team was able to neutralize a large insurgent force, including the enemy commander."

Colonel Abdul Raouf Ahmadi, the spokesman for the Afghan National Police (ANP) in Herat praised the brave soldiers and police who have employed this advanced equipment. He said, "The night vision goggles are effective equipment helping our ANDSF prevent anti-government activities at night. There are many brave youth in the ANDSF, but they were in need of equipment. Now, we have special units equipped with these goggles and they’re ready to respond to any threat at any time across the province."

Through the RS mission’s continued support, the ANDSF receive the best equipment and training in order to fight the insurgent’s un-Islamic activity. Advanced night vision equipment will ensure citizens can rest easy at night.