Mon, Sep

Senate approves draft budget, despite concerns at imbalances


meshrano-jirgaon Sunday approved the draft budget for 2016 despite some lawmakers’ concerns at imbalances in the accounts.

Finance Minister Mohammad Eklil Hakimi earlier placed the draft budget -- envisaging 283.3 billion afghanis in terms of general expenses and 168.5 billion afs development funds -- before the Senate for approval.
There is a six percent increase in the outlay over the previous year, according to the finance minister, who 50 percent of the general and 89 percent of development budget funds will come from foreign aid.
In the coming year, security, education and health sector would get greater allocations, with the government focusing its attention on mega development projects. Small projects will be completed if funds are available.
Anar Kali Hunaryar, head of the Senate’s Finance and Budgetary Commission,placed the draft budget before the house. She said the draft had been prepared keeping in mind available resources. Of the 63 lawmakers present during the session, 61 voted in the favor of the proposed accounts for the next fiscal year. Earlier, some members alleged development needs of most provinces had been ignored.
Imbalances in the budgetary projections must be rectified to ensure even-handed development of the country and remove the sense of deprivation in certain provinces, the MPs stressed.