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The honourable profession


the-honorable-profession-1Being entrusted as a protector of the country is a responsibility ingrained with honour. The Afghan National Army (ANA) work day and night to protect and secure our people, standing watch over us as we travel to the bazaar, work our fields or travel to visit our loved ones. Membership in this brotherhood is a sacred responsibility each young person should consider if they care for their nation, their communities and their families.

The ANDSF has rapidly developed over the past decade, now fielding armoured vehicles, an Air Force, heavy weapons and advanced medical care facilities. With capabilities to strike the enemy in every corner of the nation, the ANA has become a regional force to be reckoned with by those wishing to harm our people.
These days, thousands of youths are joining the ANA, more now than any other time in our history. Th
e call for heroes is being answered by those ready to serve Afghanistan with duty and honour. The
205th Hero Corps Recruiting Office is processing hundreds of future soldiers each month.
Colonel Noor Ahmad commands the 205th Recruiting Office, a duty he is proud to perform each day for the people of Kandahar. Col. Noor Ahmad explained that the youth are very interested in joining the ANA. "They want to protect their country from the enemies of humanity, particularly those who are killing the innocent with mines and Haram suicide operations, targeting even women and children."
Col. Noor Ahmad said, "Our recruits are not only joining at the encouragement of tribal elders and community leaders but also out of a sincere desire for peace. These youth are searching for an opportunity to contribute to the benefit of the nation with their hands, taking responsibility for the protection of all people."
He continued, "We are actively calling all youth who are interested in protecting their nation, stable employment and serving in a brotherhood dedicated to each other and their people.
Major Najeebullah is the Deputy Recruitment Chief of this office and warmly greets young men who come to the ANA recruiting office, describing to them the life of honour that stands before them. "We welcome all the youth of Afghanistan. It does not matter which province they come from." Habib is a resident of Panjwai district who came to the ANA Recruitment Office to join in. "If the Afghan youth care for their country and want to do something good, they should join the ANA," Habib explained with a confident smile.
"I was jobless but motivated to help my people," he continued. "I had no idea what to do, then my friends told me that if I wanted to have a secure and honourable job and really want to work for my country, then why not join the ANA?"
"That advice boosted my feelings and my determination. So here I am at the ANA recruitment office to register," Habib said.