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Security Agencies Working On Next Summer's War Moves


mod1Security agencies said on Tuesday they are working on a strategic plan regarding military operations for next year's summer fighting season.

According to them, they will focus on training and equipping troops during winter but will also be ready to fight if needed.
Security officials say troops have had significant achievements in the past few months especially in their fight against Daesh.
Rahmatullah Nabil, the National Directorate of Security (NDS) chief, said: "Not even 10 members of Daesh in the country have direct contact with leaders in Syria and Iraq. As you all know, most of them are fighting in Nangarhar, 70 percent of whom are from Orakzai Agency (an area) in Pakistan." Since summer is deemed fighting season in Afghanistan, the security forces are now busy working on strategies to tackle next year's insurgency.
Interior Minister Noorulhaq Olomi said: "We are fully prepared and our forces, either police or military, are ready for next year's fighting season."
Army chief of staff Qadam Shah Shaheem said: "Our clearance operations are underway across the country. Successful operations are underway in Helmand and forces have had very good achievements there."
Currently there is fighting in nine provinces in the country. There is however additional fighting going on in some parts of other provinces.