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Professional Afghan Air Force


air-force-academyRecently, two hundred young Afghan men successfully passed the entry exam and enrolled in the Afghan Air Force University (Pohantoon-e-Hawayee) to become the future Air Force pilots and flight engineers.

After graduation, many will go on to pursue careers in the Afghan Air Force (AAF) as C-208, MI-17 and MD-530 pilots and flight engineers. Others will go on to fill positions in more than 25 different career fields, such as maintenance, logistics, and administration.
Major General Abdul Wahab Wardak, the commanding general of the Afghan Air Force said, "The need for young pilots and flight engineers in the AAF is very high. Next year, the Afghan Air Force will receive A- 29 fighter planes, and we need pilots to support Afghan ground forces."
During his speech to the new graduates, Maj. Gen. Wardak stated, "I would like to thank the international community and especially the United States of America for their cooperation in training the pilots, engineers and equipping the Afghan Air Force with the necessary tools for success."
Lt. Gen. Mohammad Dawran, deputy chief of staff, Ministry of Defence, who spoke at the previous graduation ceremony of the Afghan Air Force, said, "Now that you have graduated, you have a large responsibility." "We need to serve this nation, the people and help them. You work for a united Afghanistan - not only for your province but for your nation." afghan-helicopter
"The Afghan National Army cannot succeed without the Afghan Air Force," said Lt. Gen. Dawran. "When the ground forces are fighting, and they see and hear a helicopter flying overhead, they will fight more courageously because they know they have your protection."
Colonel Naqibullah, commander of the Afghan Air Force University, described how the cadets completed three phases of training. "The first two phases included leadership, tactics, and military tra
ining. However, the third phase focused on unique studies of the air force, such as air tactics, avionics, aviation safety, meteorology, and maintenance," he said.
Sayed Kamran, a new student, said: "The reason I joined the Afghan Air Force is to protect my people and support my family. The AAF is an important part of the Afghan National Defence and Security Forces (ANDSF) and an excellent opportunity for me to support my family and serve the nation."