Thu, Sep

1,400 New Recruits Graduate From ANA Academy


graduation-from-kmtc-1The Afghan National Army on Sunday gained an additional 1,400 troops after they graduated from the Kabul Military Training Academy following a two-month training course.

According to ANA officials, the new recruits will soon be deployed to the battlefields. They say they are ready to fight insurgents.

Training officials have said the graduation of these officers will help bolster the security forces.

One graduate Abdul Wasi said: "Our request to anti-government groups is to join the peace process or else we are ready for any kind of defense against their moves."

Another graduate Mohammad Asif said: "We will not let the enemies destabilize our country until we have spilt the last drop of our blood."

While a third officer Bahruddin said: "We are always ready to serve the people, under any condition. And we are ready to defend the country, the soil and the people."

Training academy officials said these officers received good training and will be strong reinforcements on the battlefield.

One academy trainer Mohammad Amin Wahidi said: "The country's enemies - led by Inter-Services Intelligence ISI [of Pakistan] - is not staying calm and push them [militants] to go to battle in order to keep the Afghan security forces busy but the ISI of Pakistan is unaware about the fact that we are always ready to thwart their plots."

Meanwhile, the number of Afghan National Army troops is currently estimated to be about 200,000 but the spike in casualties and the desertion of troops has increased the army's challenges. Despite these challenges however the Ministry of Defense says in recent months there has been an increase ion interest among the youth to join the army.