Mon, Sep

British Envoy Welcomes Kabul-Islamabad Agreement On Peace Talks


British Ambassador to Kabul Karen Pierce has welcomed President Ashraf Ghani and Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif's agreement to work towards resuming peace talks with the Taliban.

The ambassador said the recent signs about peace from Islamabad and the international community, increases the hopes for achieving peace in the country.
Pierce had been speaking at a gathering named “Beyond Boundaries" that was attended by Turkish, Pakistani and Russian ambassadors as well as journalists and civil society members from Afghanistan and Pakistan.
"I wanted to particularly give one message today if I may... We are on the cusp of a breakthrough that could lead to a real peace process. We have been here before and efforts have always dissipated but there are real possibilities now and signals coming from the Taliban and the signals coming from Afghan and Pakistani governments and the signals are coming from the region and from internationals like Britain and the United States, Germany and France," the ambassador said.

She said that the international community particularly the United Nations' Security Council will play a vital and crucial role in supporting Afghanistan, Pakistan and the Afghan peace process.

At the same event, Pakistan Ambassador to Kabul Syed Abrar Hussain said Kabul and Islamabad should open a new page in their relations.

He said: "Cooperation and not confrontation holds the key to the fledgling peace process in Afghanistan. This process can be slow, at times irritating ... but a negotiated peace deal is the only option. It takes two to make peace, but only one to make war. Forums like these provide people of both the countries to sit together and come up with tangible solutions that can bridge the existing trust deficit between the two countries."

Officials at the meeting also talked about the presence of Taliban and Daesh militants, insecurity and relations between Kabul and Islamabad. It was the second session between Afghan and Pakistani civil society members and journalists.