Thu, Sep

Berlin Will Not Forget Afghanistan: German Defense Minister


ursula-von-der-leyens-german-danfence-ministerGerman Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen said during a trip to Kabul that Germany's long term support to Afghanistan will continue and that her country will not leave Afghanistan alone.

In a press conference with acting Afghan Defense Minister Mohammad Masum Stanikzai on Tuesday she said that after the Taliban increased their attacks, Berlin decided to increase its troops in Afghanistan.

"We will remain here. We will not leave Afghanistan alone. Security and stability are linked to each other. We have talked about it with world leaders," the German Defense Minister said.
She said: "Taliban wanted to weaken Afghan security forces but they failed. We trust the capability of Afghan security forces and we are committed to supporting the National Army and National Police of Afghanistan."
At the same event, Stanikzai welcomed Germany's commitment to Afghanistan.

He said: "We thank Germany for their commitment to continue supporting Afghanistan. This issue was stressed at the Chicago Summit."
Referring to the need for Germany's support to Afghan Air Force, Stanikzai said: "The work to invest in air forces has started and we hope that it takes it to a good point."
There are 850 German troops in Afghanistan. This number will increase to 980.