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Afghan Doctors Succeed After India, Pakistan Fail To Cure Ill Soldiers


For years, Afghans have sought specialist treatment in India and Pakistan due to the lack of medical diagnostic equipment and specialized treatment in the country.

One soldier, Dawolat Murad, lost a foot in an attack while fighting insurgents in Helmand. He went to India for surgery and treatment. However, he returned to Kabul with kidney problems and was treated at the Police Hospital in Kabul.

"The patient went to India for leg joint replacement and when the patient replaced the joint and came back to Kabul the patient was suffering from kidney problems. But after surgery in Kabul the patient has recovered and is in good health," said Hashmatullah Wali a doctor at the Police Hospital in Kabul.
"Thanks to Allah the doctors treated me well and now my health has improved," Dawolat Murad the patient said.

Meanwhile Mohammad Anwar, another soldier, said he was suffering from back pain and consulted doctors in Pakistan. They advised that he needed to have one kidney removed. However, he returned instead to Kabul and consulted doctors at the Police Hospital. After undergoing surgery, the soldier said the kidney that had not worked, started functioning normally again.
"I had surgery in Afghanistan and after the surgery my kidney resumed working," Mohammad Noor, the patient, said.