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Basic foreign policy guidelines being sent to parliament


foriegn-ministry-meetingForeign Minister Salahuddin Rabbani on Wednesday his ministry would dispatch basic guidelines of Afghanistan’s foreign policy to the parliament for approval.

He said the parliamentary approval of the guidelines would help clear diplomacy on safeguarding the country’s territory, national interests and making Afghanistan a developed country.

Rabbain told a conference marking the 12th anniversary of the country’s constitution, that the Constitution guaranteed national sovereignty as a permanent property of people to ensure long-term stability.

“The Constitution is the joining point for all groups of Afghans, maybe we have differences over some issues, but the constitution provides fundamental rights that unite us all,” he said.

He added Afghanistan’s constitution covered all fundamental rights of Afghans, national interests and national plans.

“The country’s diplomatic apparatus act in accordance with the constitution when we codify our foreign policy,” he said.

Rabbani was hopeful the parliament would approve the first defined outline of the country’s foreign policy in order to institutionalise rules of law.

He said Afghanistan would be taken out of unplanned condition after the country’s foreign policy guidelines were finalised.

Rabbani said finalising the law on Afghanistan’s diplomatic and consulate services was another priority of his ministry.

Wolesi Jirga or lower house of the parliament has repeatedly asked the government to determine its foreign policy guidelines and send them to the house for approval.

Abobakr Muttaqi, a member of the Independent Commission for Overseeing the Implementation of Constitution (ICOIC), said the constitution was the country’s supreme law.

He said many articles of the constitution referred to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the ICOIC would provide a list of articles to the MoFA to see how many of them were implemented during the past 12 years.