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Ghani Stresses On Practical Regional Cooperation In Fight Against Terrorism


president-ghani-in-world-economy-forumGhani Urges Regional Cooperation In Fight Against Terrorism Unless regional countries take practical steps to fight insurgency terrorism will not be eliminated, said President Ashraf Ghani.

He said that regional countries should realize that terrorism is a common threat. "What cannot be permitted is for states to behave like non-state actors and to sponsor malign non-state actors," Ghani added.
He said that peace without women's participation was also impossible.
Amid preparations for the third meeting of the Quadrilateral Coordination Group (QCG) of Afghanistan, Pakistan, the United States, and China in Islamabad, Ghani stressed on practical cooperation of regional countries in the fight against militancy.
"We are a people of resilience and we will overcome [challenges]. Afghanistan will be the graveyard of Daesh and all the rest of them. Don't challenge us. We have a proverb that revenge is sweetest when it takes a hundred years," he said.
Meanwhile, NATO Secretary General, Jens Stoltenberg, reiterated their support for Afghanistan.
"We are focusing more and more on how can we build local capacity and how countries, which are effected themselves can increase their ability to defend themselves. And that's exactly what we now are doing in Afghanistan. NATO has ended our combat mission. So, we now have 12,000 troops in Afghanistan, who advise, train and assist the Afghans," he said.