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Grooming Future Leaders

future-leaders-1Battles are only won by well trained, dedicated, highly motivated men and women who are expertly led by courageous officers. The Afghan National Army Officer Academy (ANAOA) builds future leaders, endowed with the courage, dedication and intellect to stand against all enemies threatening the peace and security of our nation, the livelihoods of our people and the bond of our religion.

Brigadier General Sharif Sharifi, the Commandant of ANAOA, commands the cadet training school and ensures the highest standards of professionalism are delivered. Brig. Gen. Sharifi described the bond between all cadets, male and female wearing the Afghan National Army (ANA) uniform. "The male and female recruits entering ANAOA are highly motivated, looking to serve their nation and their families," he said. "Courage and dedication to professionalism define our cadets, and they will need it because they will be leading our nation's brave sons and daughters in the ANA."
ANAOA is a Centre of Excellence, enabling and refining officer cadets, who arrive from diverse backgrounds, but graduate with the uniform of brotherhood and wear the flag of our nation. The current training class is made up of 351 males and females who will undergo 12 months of military instruction, religious studies, professional education and English language delivered with the support of the international coalition.
Cadets are trained to make decisions in response to current situations and to plan for long-term success while exercising careful stewardship of resources and equipment.
Brig. Gen. Sharifi provided insight into the rewards of shaping aspiring leaders. "ANAOA's greatest responsibility is to deliver Afghanistan's future leaders. We build our nation's defence every day."
Courage to serve is also being embodied by female recruits, who actively undergo all aspects of training under the astute guidance of specially selected female instructors. These female mentors oversee the female officers' cadets, carefully monitoring and assisting their professional development.future-leader-2
As cadets return for another block of instruction delivered by Afghanistan's steadfast international partners, Cadet 71 told Sada-e Azadi about the rigorous training and professional transformation he and his classmates were undergoing at ANAOA. He said, "With the blessing of our mullah, each one of us finds the strength, determination and courage to complete our training because we know the honour of serving our nation and leading our countrymen."
ANAOA will continue its training of our nation's leaders, and if you wish to find your real strength, please contact your local ANA Recruitment Centre, visit ANAOA's Facebook page or call 0202651901 to be a future leader of our nation.