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Ulema Call Afghan Forces' Fight Jihad


Ulema-meet-ANDSFReligious scholars visited Kabul Military Training Center (KMTC) on Thursday to pledge their support to security forces and said their fight for bringing peace to Afghanistan is Jihad.

The religious scholars said that militants cannot succeed against Afghan security forces.
Army officers and soldiers at the training academy welcomed the religious scholars with bouquets of flowers.
"Being for one hour in your stronghold is better than hours of worship. You should know that we are with you," said Abdul Karim Saraji.
Mawlawi Lutfullah Haqparast, a religious scholar and a university professor, said: "The enemy has hatched many conspiracies and we all should stand united and foil the conspiracies. I can clearly say that ulema's role [in fight against militancy] can be effective, because militants are afraid of the truth."
Army officers and soldiers said that religious scholars can play an effective role in the fight against terrorism.
"If the insurgents are mainly against the presence of foreign forces in Afghanistan, then why did insurgents not reduce the intensity of their activities when foreign troops were withdrawn," said Abdullah Khan, Afghan army's deputy commander of ground forces.
He said that security forces will continue to implement their plans in coordination with religious scholars and tribal elders.
General Laal Jan Zaheer, the commander of the KMTC, said that they [Afghan security troops] have a good knowledge of Islam and they perform their duties in accordance with Islam and Sharia law.

He voiced his pleasure over the support of religious scholars to Afghan security forces. The religious scholars said that some elements under the name of ulema are misusing their position and are preaching against government and Afghan security forces.
They urged government to identify the elements. They said that if needed, they are ready to wear military uniforms and fight against militants.