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NUG Leaders Introduce Candidates For Key Govt Posts


zafar-hashimiNational Unity Government (NUG) leaders on Wednesday introduced candidates for key government posts including that of Attorney General and Interior Minister.

According to the Presidential Palace, former Human Rights Commissioner Farid Hamidi has been nominated as Afghanistan's Attorney General; Taj Mohammad Jahid as the Interior Minister and Gen. Rahman Rahman as the Interior Ministry's deputy for security.
Former Interior Minister Noorulhaq Olomi has been appointed as Afghanistan's Ambassador to the Netherlands, the statement added.
"The President of Afghanistan nominated Farid Hamidi a former human rights commissioner as Afghanistan's attorney general and Taj Mohammad Jahid as the interior minister and the president asked the ministry of parliamentary affairs to introduce them for a vote of confidence to parliament. Also former interior minister Noorulhaq Olumi was appointed as Afghanistan's ambassador to the Netherlands," said Zafar Hashemi, the president's deputy spokesman.
Mohammad Farid Hamidi worked as Deputy Director of the Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission, where he has been a Commissioner for the past few years and co-founder of the Free and Fair Election Foundation of Afghanistan.