Tue, Sep

1395 The Year To Fight Corruption: Analysts


rawza-e-sharifA number of analysts have said that this year, the National Unity Government (NUG) needs to take serious steps to fight corruption and bring about good governance.

Analysts have said that although President Ashraf Ghani has named the new year as the year of fighting corruption, he needs to prove this.

Experts said good governance, security, economic growth, poverty alleviation and entrepreneurship are the main tests ahead for the NUG this year.

However, the Anti-Corruption Monitoring and Evaluation Joint Committee said that the NUG's fight against corruption is not effective enough.

"The National Unity Government's efforts to fight corruption have not been effective and there is a serious need for more efforts," said Sayd Hamidullah Tawab head of the committee.

"In some countries, corruption has caused systems to collapse. Hence the National Unity Government must undertake ways to make achievements," said Nasrullah Stanikzai a university lecturer.

According to experts, corruption is not the only challenge the NUG faces this new year.

War is another unpleasant phenomenon while some security institutions and a number of provinces are still being ruled by caretakers.