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Militants Failed Last Year: Shahim


Gen-Qadam-Shah-ShahimThe Chief of Army Staff, General Qadam Shah Shahim, addressed the graduation ceremony of at least 2,000 army cadets on Tuesday and said that militants failed in their bid to take control of territory in the last solar year – 1394, Afghanistan's official year.

He also said troops will soon launch a large-scale military operation to suppress insurgents in Kunduz.

"We have started a military operation named Shafaq in Kunduz and we hope that it will meet our goals," Shahim said.

He said that militants were defeated last year as they wanted to take control of parts of the country.

Meanwhile, army officials said military cadets were trained with standard equipment and techniques.

"Our training center has changed if compared to the past. We are providing standard training to our trainees," said army commander Momand Katawazai.

Some graduates meanwhile said they are ready to serve their country by putting their hearts and minds into their duty.

"I call on all youth to wear army uniforms and defend the country," said Mahdi, a newly graduated soldier.

"We are ready to defend our country under any condition," said Hassan Yar, another army cadet.

This comes after recent remarks by Afghan and foreign security officials that Afghan security forces will face a tough war season this year.