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Growing number of elite forces


Elite-forces-1Hundreds of Afghan commandos graduated from the Afghan National Army Special Forces and Commandos division in Kabul on Wednesday 2nd December 2015. Now 1080 commandos are ready to take over 'Night Operations' and protect our beloved Afghanistan from the enemies of peace.

General Qadamshahi Sahim Afghan National Army's (ANA) Chief of Staff said that the ANA successfully achieved two major successes in last year; taking over the security responsibility from foreign forces, and fighting against the insurgents. "I congratulate this achievement to all the Afghan National Defence and Security Forces (ANDSF) and especially the Commandos and Special Forces," the General said. "Insurgents have nowhere to hide, our elite forces are ready to follow them and bring them to justice."

Gen. Qadamshahi Sahim urged his troops to take decisive action against the enemies of peace who have no respect for civilian lives. "You should always do what you do best, and that is to win the support of the people," the General said. "Respect people's opinion, protect them and protect their properties because you are the legitimate force and the people trust you."

In his address to the graduates, Brigadier General Bismillah Waziri Commander of the Special Forces and Commandos said, "Today is your graduation and tomorrow you will be with your colleagues in the army to protect the people and defend the country. All Afghans are proud of the brave (ANDSF), and the ANDSF are proud of their Special Forces and Commandos."


Brig Gen Waziri reiterated the ANDSF's task, "Insurgents do not allow our children to go to school, they destroy mosques, roads and development project, and they kill our innocent people. It is our job to stop them."

Mirwais Rahimi Chief of Chahardehi Shura, who also attended the ceremony, was delighted to see the well-trained and well-equipped graduates joined the forces. "On behalf of the people of Chahardehi, we will support ANDSF including our commandos, and assure you that we stand with our hero security forces to protect our country," he told Sada e Azadi. "Together with our ANDSF, we will prevail over the evil deeds of the enemies of peace."

Mawlawi Ahmad, a member of Charadehi Ulemah Council, addressed the graduates and said, "God will protect you because you put your life at risk to provide security for the nation. As a result of your efforts and hard work, today we have a peaceful life. Be sure that all Afghans support you in the fight against the enemies of peace. Almighty Allah protects you and Afghanistan."