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Future Heroes’ Daily Routine--Life at ANAOA


ANAOA-dially-lifeThe Afghanistan National Army Officer Academy (ANAOA) offers modern facilities and a world-class training for the nation’s future leaders.

During the training year Officer Cadets at the academy will generally work for five and a half days a week, being taught lessons that consist of military training, English, Computer training, medical, weapons, self-defence, and physical training. Once the working day finishes Officer Cadets will spend time preparing for the following days training or socialising with friends.

Accommodation Officer Cadets are allocated to one of the three Kandaks. Each of the Kandak is accommodated with new buildings, where they can study together and socialise together. This environment enables Cadets to make lifelong friends. Female Cadets are accommodated in a specially established all female compound and enjoy the same style of facilities.

Training Facilities Theory lessons taught focus on leadership, the development of tactical planning and military skills. Like the accommodation, these are also conducted in a new buildings and facilities. Classrooms are equipped with Computers for the Cadets and the latest in teaching technology. Throughout the training year Officer Cadets will utilise the onsite training area, obstacle course, and other training areas around Kabul to hone their skills to become the leaders of Afghanistan’s future.

The ANAOA boasts a library, gymnasium, and Mosque that can be used by all Officer Cadets during and after working hours throughout the training year. Soon an urban training facility will be added to assist the ANAOA to continue to produce the best trained officers in the Afghanistan National Army.

Field Training Throughout the training continuum, Officer Cadets will participate in 10 field training exercises. First they will learn key soldier skills, culminating in learning how to command up to thirty brave soldiers to achieve tactical missions that will increase the security of Afghanistan, and benefit the lives of those that live within it, making their families very proud.

Sport and Competition Throughout their time at the ANAOA, Officer Cadets will participate in a range of sports and physical activity consisting of soccer, basketball, military self-defence and cricket amongst other sports. Competition between the Kandaks and other training establishments around Kabul are an important part of life as an Officer Cadet and occur regularly throughout the training year.