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President Ghani termed Afghan security forces' fight against militants as Jihad


Ghani-1The 24th anniversary of the victory of Mujahideen against Dr. Najibullah's government was marked at the Presidential Palace on Wednesday. In his address to guests, President Ashraf Ghani termed Afghan security forces' fight against militants as Jihad.

"Our Jihad rescued and helped the region and world and today our national army, national police and security forces are engaged in another Jihad," said Ghani.

"If we negotiated [with Taliban], we negotiated in accordance with rules and courageously. We don't want war. If someone takes out a sword against Afghans, he should know that he will be eliminated with a sword," the president added.

Ghani earlier this week called some parts of the Taliban the enemy of the people of Afghanistan.

"Today's Taliban and other such groups are the inheritors of Khalq and Parcham (two communist parties) governments in Afghanistan. In terms of ideology, they share some characteristics with them," said Sarwar Danish, the second Vice President.

Qiamuddin Kashaf, chairman of the Ulema Council of Afghanistan, challenged the Taliban to justify their fight through teachings of Islam.