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Ghani Opens New Drug Rehab Center


Ghani-2Afghan President Ashraf Ghani on Wednesday said that drug addiction was one of the top five national problems in Afghanistan.

Speaking at the opening of Omid National Treatment and Vocational Training Center, a drug rehabilitation center in Kabul, Ghani said that it was not just government's responsibility to tackle the problem but that family and society in general needed to get involved in ending the scourge.

Ghani said that drug traffickers and producers are responsible for the addiction of three million people and called for a national mobilization campaign against drug addiction.

However, the increase in drug addicts in the country has raised serious concerns within government. Ghani called for all institutions to work together to eliminate the problem. Also present at Wednesday's event was Ghani's wife, Rula, and the public health and labor and social affairs ministers.

"We should believe that we will eliminate the problem of addiction in our society one day," Ghani said.

Afghanistan is recognized as one of the biggest drug producers in the world – especially in the poppy cultivation sector – and the number of drug addicts is on the rise in certain parts of the country, particularly in cities.

According to recent reports, the number of drug addicts in the country has now exceeded three million.