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India To Deliver More Planes To Afghanistan


HelicoptersIndian Prime Minister Narendra Modi said during a meeting with President Ashraf Ghani in Tehran that New Delhi is ready to hand over more helicopters to the Afghan Air Force, said the president's deputy spokesman Sayed Zafar Hashemi.

"India's Prime Minister has tasked his security delegation to talk with an Afghan delegation about this matter in order to finalize the details and number of helicopters which would be handed over to Afghanistan," he said as he addressed a press conference in Kabul on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, analysts said the Afghan Air Force needs powerful and high capacity airplanes in order to conduct their missions effectively.

"Some countries have not given useful equipment to Afghanistan. They have given us F16 airplanes, while we need F18 aircrafts, as we had in the past," said military affairs analyst Atiqullah Amarkhel.

The Ministry of Defense (MoD) meanwhile said that other assistance by other countries to Afghanistan's security agencies is crucial.

"Other countries' help to Afghanistan is important, because Afghanistan's economy is not at the level to strengthen and empower the air force with its own money," said MoD spokesman Dawlat Waziri.

"Our districts and provinces would have never fallen to militants, if the international community besieged our troops in time and if we had transport and military aircrafts," said Senator Gul Ahmad Azami.

According to officials, Afghan Air Force currently conducts nearly 180 operations on a daily basis.