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First Lady Calls On Nation To Unite Against Drug Addiction


The First Lady Rula Ghani on Monday attended a ceremony that celebrated the International Solidarity Day of Counter Narcotics, where she urged the nation to unite against drug addiction and support awareness campaigns.
She said drug addiction damages the society and that stern action should be taken against this menace.

"We all have the responsibility to raise public awareness about the harms of the use of drugs," she told the gathering.
The First Lady said she is concerned about the increasing drug addiction in the country and that the people should pay all their efforts to enhance public awareness about damages of this practice.
This comes after the second Vice President Mohammad Sarwar Danish said on Sunday that the biggest source of funding for war efforts is derived from drug-smuggling by the insurgents.
He said that if drug smuggling was not curbed in Afghanistan, it would be difficult to attain long-term peace and stability in the country.
The Minister of Counter-Narcotics Salamat Azimi also called for wider public cooperation to combat the drug production and smuggling networks in the country.
The Afghan government recently launched a nation-wide anti-drug campaign.