Tue, Sep

Ulema Council Condemns Rally Bombing


Afghanistan's Ulema Council has condemned Saturday's deadly suicide bombing at a protest rally in Kabul that claimed the lives of 81 people.

In a statement issued on Sunday, the Ulema Council said that "terrorists don't know any borders, ethnicity or religion and frequently act against humans and Islam."
The Ulema Council called on the authorities to do everything possible to help the victims of Saturday's attack – which also wounded more than 200 people.
The incident happened after thousands of demonstrators gathered at the Dehmazang Circle in the capital to protest against government's planned routing of the 500kV power line project.
The Council also asked government and leaders of the Enlightenment Movement to resolve their issues as soon as possible.
On Saturday, Daesh suicide bombers targeted demonstrators - the first of its kind at a peaceful demonstration in the country. The suicide bombers joined thousands of Afghans before detonating their explosives in a crowded spot at Dehmazang Circle.
Meanwhile, President Ashraf Ghani said in a statement that he had ordered the security organization to "avenge the blood" of those killed in Saturday's attack.
Speaking at a National Security Council (NSC) meeting, Ghani on Saturday condemned the attack and ordered security forces to provide security at the funerals of the victims.
The NSC also decided that the flag should fly at half-mast across the country on Sunday – which had been declared a national day of mourning. Afghan embassies around the world also flew their flags at half-mast.