Thu, Sep

U.S Vows To Defeat Daesh In Afghanistan


The commander of the Resolute Support mission and U.S forces in Afghanistan, Gen. John Nicholson, has said that the U.S will continue to stay after Daesh until the rebel group is defeated in the country.

In a news conference via Skype with Pentagon reporters on Thursday, he said: "We will continue to stay after [Daesh] until they are defeated here in Afghanistan," Nicholson said. "At the same time, we'll continue with our train-advise-assist mission with our Afghan partners, so ultimately in the future they will be able to do these missions entirely on their own."
He said the terrorist organization's regional affiliate in Afghanistan has seen a territory reduction from 10 districts in southern Nangarhar to parts of three or four since the start of the authority.
"By fighting groups like [Daesh] and al-Qaida here in Afghanistan, we deny them sanctuary and we inhibit their ability to conduct transnational attacks from here."
He said the Operation Shafaq, the larger Afghan campaign plan for 2016, is meeting with success.
He added: "Overall, our mission in Afghanistan is on a positive trajectory. Thus far, in keeping with the campaign plan, we have seen the Afghans successfully defend each of these areas, largely by taking offensive operations against the enemy."