Mon, Sep

Afghanistan Will Not Be Broken By Conflict: Envoy


Afghanistan's ambassador to the U.S Hamdullah Mohib said that the hope for peace by Afghans will become a reality and that terrorists and extremist groups will face setbacks.

He said neither the war nor insurgents will deter the Afghan peoples' hopes for peace and socioeconomic development in their country despite the fact that the country has been at war for more than thirty five years. Speaking at a gathering of artists from three war-hit countries, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq, Mohib said that the people of Afghanistan still hope for a better future and are determined to help each other regardless of their ethnicity and cast. Artists from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq gathered in Washington to reflect on the importance of peace through their art. "Despite what some outside observers may believe - 37 years of conflict has not broken Afghanistan, Afghans are still standing strong in solidarity with each other in so many different ways. Just look at the long lines of people who queue up to give blood when there is an attack, nobody questions who is injured, what the person's ethnicity is, they are there to help, because the Afghans, their fellow Afghans need help," he said. In addition, the Afghan diplomat said that government is putting all its efforts into restoring peace and stability in Afghanistan. "(It is) a country determined to leave the troubles of the past behind and focus on moving forward where domestic government works to heal the wounds of war and hatred through political compromise. A country whose people, diaspora, refugees and leaders are united. "Radicalization is the biggest challenge in south Asia in my country, so what I do with this campaign is I am humanizing numbers. Last week around 500 people were killed or injured in an incident in a civilian protest in Kabul, this is just one story, it is very painful what I am talking about," said an Afghan artist Umid. The artists said that they want to portray the tragedy of their people through art.