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Alternative Livelihoods Projects


The Ministries of Rural Rehabilitation & Development, Counter Narcotics and Information and Culture signed a joint Memorandum to fight narcotics and poppy cultivation.

Based on this Memorandum, the mentioned ministries will work in coordination with each other with shared objectives and efforts in driving the anti-narcotics agenda and curbing narcotics. They will design programs that carry the objectives and are in line with the Constitution of Afghanistan in essence.
New skills for youths 1Salmat Aazimi, Minister of Counter Narcotics provided detailed elaboration of the Memordandum and announced the continuation of a joint effort in the fight against poppy cultivation, together with Ministries of Rural Reehabilitation & Development, Information and  Culture, Agriculture, Public Health, Women’s Affairs, Education and Ministry of Borders and Tribal Affairs.
Nasir Ahmad Durrani, the Minister of MRRD, while explaining the critical role of the Community Development Councils, District councils, Mosques and development projects in order to reduce poppy cultivation, reiterorated the joint projects of MRRD and MAIL, such as CARD-F and other agricultural strengthening projects and requested the Ministry of Education and Minister of Hajj and Religious Affairs for further cooperation in this joint effort.
In a part of his speech, Minister Durrani said: “every development project in rural Afghanistan has cast positive effects on the lives of villagers. When farmers are provided with livelihood opportunities, welfare, convenience and given access to improved education, without a doubt poppy cultivation will be reduced. Or implementing alternative livelihood projects is clearly implementing counter narcotics program.
Minister Durrani expressed his readiness to take action in fighting poppy cultivation with the other responsible ministries and reiterated his commitment to fight this joint enemy together and in close coordination with the other ministries.
The Memorandum was signed by Salamat Azimi, Minister of of Counter Narcotics, Nasir Ahmad Durrani, Minister of MRRD and Kamal Sadat the Deputy Minister for Information and Cultural Ministry.