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Afghanistan receives 4 new light attack helicopters from US


The Afghan Air Force (AAF) received four new light attack helicopters from the United States on Thursday as efforts are underway to boost the capabilities of the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF).

The delivery of the four new MD-530 Cayuse Warrior helicopters on Thursday brings the number of the total helicopters delivered to the Afghan forces to 27.
“The first 13 helicopters continue to be modified to support 2.75-inch rocket capabilities and add the improved sighting systems,” Lt. Col. Bill Ashford, 438th Air Expeditionary Advisory Squadron commander quoted in a report by Dvidshub said.
“The MD-530s are flying multiple missions a day across Afghanistan,” said Ashford. “They are often engaged in providing aerial escort to convoys, providing over-watch to ANDSF operations and responding to ‘troops in contact’ situations.”
MD-530 combat missions are flown by all AAF crews. According to Col. Troy Henderson, 438th Air Expeditionary Advisory Group commander, those Afghan pilots are making a big difference in the fight against insurgents