Thu, Sep

Foreign Minister Attends at the 17th Non-Alignment Movement Summit


Minister of Foreign Affairs H.E. Salahuddin Rabbani who headed the delegation of Afghanistan, attended at the 17th Non-Alignment Movement Summit in Margarita Island of the Republic of Venezuela on Foreign Minister delivered his speech at the summit before noon today

and in the part of his speech he said, “Since our last Summit, we have seen the horrors of terror and violence peak to new levels, preying on innocent people across the globe - irrespective of their nationality, culture or religion. That said, we are facing a global threat that requires a global solution, enabled through greater cooperation. Today, the people of Afghanistan continue their long-standing struggle against this evil force with firm conviction and determination.  Afghanistan will never succumb to any endeavor, aimed at our insecurity and instability. In this connection, let me reassert that success in the fight against terrorism will not be realized so long as terrorist sanctuaries and safe-havens persist, propagating violence and insecurity. We call on concerned States to meet their international counter-terrorism obligations, in good faith.”

In the latter part of the speech he said, “This week marks the 2nd anniversary of the National Unity Government, led by President Ghani and Chief Executive Dr. Abdullah. Despite all of our difficulties, the National Unity Government has been adamantly engaged in implementing a robust package of security, economic and governance reforms, under the banner of “Realizing Self-Reliance,” to solidify governance and the rule of law in our institutions and our society. Working in tandem with the international community, we are on the path of recovery, stability and Self-Reliance. The up-coming international Brussels Conference on Afghanistan will be an opportunity for us to brief the global community on the positive trajectory of our reform efforts, while our international partners will make new pledges of assistance in support of our Afghan National Peace and Development Framework (ANPDF)."

The 17th NAM summit is due to end today with a declaration under the name of Margarita.