Wed, Sep

NPC approves 12 contracts worth 853 million AFG


Presided over by President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, the national procurement commission’s session was held Sunday evening and 12 contracts worth 853 million AFG were approved.

Construction of 9.2 km road in Zabul’s Shahjoy district, procurement of necessary constructive materials for Kabul municipality, procurement of needed fuel for provincial directorate of Breshna Sherkat in Badakhshan, modification of internet services contract for seven custom houses, procurement of stationery for MoD, modification of fuel contract for police units, and procurement of fuel and foodstuffs for central and local police units and purchasing loader and evacuating vehicles for Afghanistan railway authority were the contracts approved in the session.
Discussing related to the respective projects, the country’s President asserted as a result of the past two years’ efforts made by national procurement commission, positive changes and transparency have been made comparing to past years.
In the session, the assessing delegation delivered its brief report related to the respective projects to the commission. Starting work without the contract, contrariety in benefit, deceiving and unreal prices were key points in the assessing report. National procurement commission praised the assessing team for overall assessment and it was decided that the report should be referred to attorney general office for further assessment, the project’s work should be urgently stopped and the company’s activity should be postponed too.