Wed, Sep

Hakimi briefs House on Brussels conference achievements


Eklil Hakimi, Minister of Finance has delivered brief report about achievements of the Brussels conference to general session of national assembly.
The conference, hosted by Afghanistan and EU, has been held to discuss economic development, women empowerment and regional economic cooperation.

In the session, minister of finance said the international community had assessed commitments of Afghanistan government as successful and by delivering framework document of Afghanistan peace and development specifying the country’s development vision they got nearly $ 15.264 billion pledged by 38 countries and international organizations for coming four years.
In sideline of the Brussels conference, the government of Afghanistan has signed two very important agreements with EU and Agha Khan Foundation.
The EU has pledged 200 million euros for governance and development projects and would be spent through national budget, while ministry of urban development and Agha Khan Foundation has signed separate agreement for reconstruction of the Kabul river’s outskirts, he added. It is worth mentioning the aids would be spent considering effectiveness and fruitfulness for improvement of economic situation of the people of Afghanistan, implementation of national programs and the government of Afghanistan would spare no effort in connection with implementing structure of Afghanistan peace and development and mutual commitments for protection of the Brussels conference achievements and the international community’s continued support.