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MRRD Starts Third Round Of Employment Program In 19 Provinces


The Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Urban Development (MRRD) has started the third round of employment program in 19 provinces of the country.

The program is being implemented by 6,297 district development councils, aiming to recover the provinces where have been previously deprived of the programs. The in-charges of the MRRD said the employment program cost 2,765 billion Afghanis which has been paid by US and Britain. To exercise the project, the process of recruiting social workers and engineers has been finalized and they will start practical works after trained well. The third round of the employment program will be implemented in Badakhshan, Daykundu, Helmand, Kabul, Kapisa, Logar, Nimroz, Nooristan, Paktia, Paktika, Panjshir, Parwan, Samangan, Sar-e-Pul, Urozgan, Maidan Wardak and Zabul provinces. Rustami, the spokesperson for MRRD told media that employment opportunities are expected to be paved for more than 295 poor people until March 2017. Since beginning of the employment program, more than 1600 university graduates and elite youth have found durable works, Rustami further said. This is while that MRRD in its national program framework on work for peace, proposed its project to be implemented in three rounds, in which the first round has been applied in Qaus 1394 in twelve provinces of the country. The program was started in Nangarhar, Kunar, Laghman, Herat, Khost, Farah, Qandahar, Balkh, Kunduz, Jawzjan, Baghlan and Faryab provinces, as more than 235 people have found short-term works.
The second round of the program has already started in Herat, Ghor, Badghis, Farah and Bamyan provinces and job opportunities will be paved for 74,190 people within few months, Rustami added. Employment programs have also been considered for villages and will be implemented by district development councils and residents, he went on to say. He also clarified that some projects in the past, particularly the generators’ distribution program was the unsuccessful programs of the ministry which was caused to rise arguments among the local residents in some villages. Furthermore, implementation of citizen’s charter program with differences in compare with previous programs will pave the way for finding long-term jobs and will cause good economic effects, he continued. It is worth mentioning that a supervision teach in the center and other provinces of the country has been recruited to systematically and appropriately supervise implementation of the program. This is while that corruption was existed in implementation of the project in turbulent areas of the country before, but it was not as to qualitatively affect implementation of the projects, Rustami pointed out. It is to be mentioned that over the last ten months, the MRRD has implemented more than 10,000 development projects in different sections across the country.