Wed, Sep

Religious scholars play effective role in prevention of commonplace traditions, Mostafavi


Conference on prevention of commonplace traditions, which was started few days ago, was ended on Tuesday, Bakhtar News Agency reported.

The conference was attended by a number of senior officials from the government ministries and Chief Executive, Supreme Court and a number of religious scholars and civil society activists was held to denounce commonplace traditions in the society, mostly taking victims from women, said the agency. Deputy Minister of Information and Culture on Publication Affairs, Sayeda Mojgan Mostafavi addressing the conference, said societies are changing and ‘we need to adapt ourselves to these phenomena, but these phenomena have evils alongside having goodness.’ “Most of serials and films screened through audio-visual media are in contrary to the characteristic of the women and bring their personality under question,” said the deputy minister. The holy religion of Islam has attached high respect to women and the people of Afghanistan also respect the women as mothers and sisters, said Mostafavi. The deputy minister said the ministry of information and culture is fully monitoring the country’s media and that a special office to monitor the visual media would be activated within the publication department of the ministry, the agency added. She called the role of the religious scholars very important in prevention of commonplace traditions in the country and their speeches through media would lay positive impact on the women. To conclude with, a statement was read out to seek fair solution to the problems emanated from commonplace traditions and emphasize on prevention of such crudities.