Tue, Sep

President Ghani lauds wide ANSF’s support


President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in a joint and leadership meeting of security and defense organs, commanders of ANA, ANP and the resolute commander, said, “We have not witnessed such a consensus to announce support to the country’s security and defense forces, since the last one hundred years,” said a statement from his office Tuesday.

The president blamed some monitors to have unknowingly judged that the Afghan security forces would not be capable to fight growing insurgency in the war-stricken country, said the statement.
“They [the monitors] should apologize for what they have believed inaccurate on the security and defense forces of the country, as they have now realized these forces, but ignored them,” said the president as quoted in the statement.
The country’s security forces could figure out the country’s stability in 2015, said the president adding: “We passed through six periods of war and by the end of 2015 to 20 military operations have been implemented.
Thanking the US and other international partners for their commitment to equip and finance the country’s security forces, he said 120,000 international troops left Afghanistan, but the country’s security and defense forces could prevent outbreak of any incident in the country and reiterated that the monitors should have fair judgment in this field.
“As a commander in chief, I want to express that the command in chief would create trust atmosphere to help you operate your responsibilities with free and professional capacity,” the president said addressing the troops.
The president vowed to do more for strengthening of the country’s air-force and said after 40 years the air-force of the country would stand on its feet, and the country’s enemies are at the merge of full isolation.
“2015 was the year of stability, 2016 the year of solidarity, 2017 the year of fundamental dynamism and 2017 and 2018 would be the years of victory,” President Ghani promised.
The president asked the entire military units should have coordinated plans in the field of recruitment of the youths to the security and defense forces of the country and offer a clear analysis on the weakness and strength points.
The organs concerned have also been instructed to investigate the problems and requirements of the security and defense forces, to help take firm step for the removal, said the statement.
He also asked for a comprehensive plan to help prevent civilian casualties.
The president blamed the ministry of interior for failing to do more in acceleration of food and clothing for the country’s security forces as he said he chaired many meetings in this field, but complaints still exist and warned the failure as unacceptable.
The president said the country’s 40 years of physical infrastructures would be set within the next four years.
The vicious plans of the enemies foiled in 2015 and 2016, based on a predicated plan, said the statement.