Wed, Sep

Mostafavi Asks For Further Women’s Media Role


A seminar titled ‘Let’s Learn’ was held yesterday by Afghan women journalists association and Finnish women journalists in Kabul BNA reported.

In the seminar held for three days, 30 female journalists participated and would learn methods of interviewing, making questions, ways of working in TV channels and all other journalistic professions, the agency added. Opening the seminar, deputy minister of publication affairs for information and culture Sayeda Mojgan Mostafavi while considering holding the seminar as useful for journalists said such learning programs were important for capacity building of young journalists. “During the current year, nearly 100 female journalists would graduate from day and night faculties of journalism of Kabul University and it was needed that that they should make use of useful experiences of the seminar, Mostafavi added.”Afterwards, Finnish trainer of the seminar spoke and praised deputy ministry of publication affairs for its cooperation, adding that the seminar aimed to enhance capacity of women journalists. It is worth mentioning that the seminar will continue for two more days.