Thu, Sep

Minister of Finance Meets with EU Ambassador on Post-BCA


Eklil Hakimi the Minister of finance met with EU Ambassador Mr. Franz-Michael Mellbin on 25 November in office.

They discussed the Post-BCA Planning, Donor Coordination, Communications and other matters. Minister of finance described him the  list  of  deliverables  still  in  progress  under  the  existing SMAF  with the responsible  agencies, an action plan for the SMART SMAF commitments for 2017/2018, implementation   mechanism   for   all  the   commitments and a matrix of all the commitments made under the Afghanistan  National Development Framework (ANPDF). He also described the plan to hold follow-up meetings, such as JCMB, SOM and Ministerial-level conferences in 2018. Minister of finance thanked the EU for its durable assistance with Afghan people and government. EU Ambassador congratulated the Afghan Government for achieving great results from the Brussels conference and assured me of its continued support to the Afghan people.