Wed, Sep

President Ghani meets students, lecturers &staff of AUA


President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani in a meeting with students, lecturers and officials of the Afghanistan American University (AUA) said he was sure that by blessing of your higher education and powerful determination Afghanistan would be led from instability to stability and from poverty and backwardness to development.

In the meeting held at presidential palace, the country’s President by pointing to terrorist attack on the respective university said attack on the university was in fact attack on youth, Islamic, national and international values.
“The enemies of Afghanistan want to weaken the determination of students, government and the international partners and you are appreciated not to surrender to their ominous intention”, President Ghani said, adding that the message of youth, Afghanistan nation and the international partners to terrorists was that no individuals could break the powerful determination of the people of Afghanistan as they were a unique, coordinated and powerful nation.
Offering once again condolence to victim families of the terrorist attack on the university, the country’s President prayed to the souls of martyrs in particular martyred Ustad Naqibullah Khpalwak, praising the country’s security and defense forces for their effort in controlling the attack and prevented from further casualties.
Afterwards, chief executive spoke and besides praying for the souls of those martyred in the attack on the university, he considered the terrorist attack on the university as attack on knowledge and humanity.
“By blessing of your education and efforts, Afghanistan will be able to overcome current challenges”, Dr. Abdullah said, adding that supporting knowledge, higher education and universities was their Islamic duty and would spare no effort in this regard.
In the meeting, chancellor of the Afghan American University David Sidney while addressing to students said, “You are a key part of the American University and our commitment is to be with you forever. Despite harms and casualties, our students have a clear message to the enemies that they are committed to seeking education and would like to study to serve their country”.