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Disabled Artist Raises Funds to Help Others


Disabled Afghan artist, Robaba Mohammadi, has tried to raise funds for people like herself through a painting exhibition.

disabled-girlMohammadi, who is 16 years old, is severely disabled and confined to a wheelchair. She paints and sketches with her mouth.
Unlike her siblings, she cannot go to school but instead taught herself to draw four years ago by holding a pencil in her mouth.
Last week she organized an exhibition in Kabul and said she wanted to make her contribution to helping other disabled people.
"I want to start a donation activity (through the art exhibition) and make my little contribution to the disabled ones. I will be the first donor and I wish you can also do something," said Mohammadi.
Visitors to the exhibition praised Mohammadi's artworks that vividly depicted a war-torn Afghanistan.
"Nowadays the biggest problem faced by (Afghan) women is the conservative ideas that women should stay indoors, not interfere with major government decisions and not consider social problems.
This painting of Mohammadi tells people that (Afghan) women should come out of the chains," said a visitor.
Another visitor, Maryam Bahar Sadat, was attracted by a painting of a child laborer, saying that there are a lot of child laborers in Afghanistan.
They are supposed to study now and live a good life in the future rather than working like adults when they are still so young, said Sadat.