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‘Any Afghan border province to be changed into trade region,’ President Ghani


President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani has said he was planned to change any of the country’s border province into trade region, BNA reported the other day.

At the threshold of a ceremony held for the exploitation of the Aqina Port, the president in his meeting with a number of Jauzjan elders and the Afghan delegation said, “Today is the day, which Aqina has fundamentally been changed into one of the country’s ground borders and the two remaining Aqina and Zaranj would change into the ground ports with the most equipped facilities, the agency said. Reiterating that he wanted to change any Afghan border provinces into trade region, the president said Turkmenistan was one of the major economic partners of Afghanistan and that Afghanistan and Central Asia are integral parts of each other and securing economic and cultural changes would be impossible unless a good interrelate with the neighbors are ensured, the agency added. “We could secure quadruple development, if some of our bad neighbors had allowed,” said the president adding any neighbors with malicious plans would face harsh reaction. “We had gotten out of the international isolation stage and now we are making effort how to better use the means avail effectively.” While unveiling the stone tablet, the president inaugurated the Andkhoy water supply project as saying, “Today, we are inaugurating the Andkhoy water supply project and in the future, we would practice other aspirations of our people.”