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Extraordinary Rank approved for Afghan army cadet, winner of Sandhurst Overseas Sword


An extraordinary rank was approved for the Afghan army cadet who was awarded Overseas Sword from Royal Academy Sandhurst in United Kingdom.

graduation cereThe Office of the Chief Executive in a statement said Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah met with the Officer Cadet Behzad Heidari  to praise him for his achievements as overseas student in the Royal Academy Sandhurst.
The statement further added that Abdullah approved an extraordinary rank for Officer Cadet Heidari who will be promoted to Major from First Lieutenant.
Abdullah said the achievement of Officer Cadet Heidari is a major achievement for the Afghan armed forces and the Afghan nation.
The Chief Executive further added that the government is committed to further invest on the youths of the country.
Officer Cadet Heidari is the first Afghan army cadet and the second cadet among the armed forces to receive an award from the Royal Academy of Sandhurst.
“The Overseas Sword, awarded to the Overseas Cadet considered by the Commandant to be the best of the Intake, was awarded to Officer Cadet Behzad Heidari from the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.
The award was given during the 182nd Sovereign’s Parade on Friday 16th December 2016.
“The Overseas Sword is donated by the Ministry of Defence, State of Kuwait, in memory of Sheikh Ali Al Sabah, the former Defence Minister, State of Kuwait,” according to an official statement.