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Supreme Court a decisive & committed leadership, President Ghani


President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani chaired rule of law and anti-corruption high council here yesterday afternoon at the presidential palace, a statement said. According to presidential press office, at the outset, second vice president Mohammad Sarwar Danesh presented the draft on national reformation programs of justice and judicial organs, adding the work on the draft has begun since one year, and was discussed with national and international organizations.

According the second vice president, the draft is indeed a reformation framework for judicial and justice sector, adding a practical plan is needed to implement the draft. The second vice president has considered the draft to be implemented within upcoming five years, starting from 1396, adding amendment can be brought to the draft if needed.
VP Danesh went on saying that the draft on national reformation program has been prepared to ease better justice services to the citizens based on the country’s constitution, people’s legal freedoms, rule of law, prevention of crimes including corruption, guaranteeing meritocracy, building the capacities of the staff of justice and judicial organs and their access to modern electronic devices and public awareness of their rights and obligations, the statement added.
The session approved the draft and sent it to the cabinet for final process. The session also tasked the line ministries and organs to prepare their plans in according to the draft. Later on, Chief Justice Sayed Yousuf Halim briefed the participants on the current situation, reformation process, short and long-term proposals of the Supreme Court. Meanwhile the head of human rights commission of Afghanistan, Dr. Sima Samar asked Supreme Court’s urgent attention towards the commission reports.
Dr. Abdullah also said that judiciary organs’ works are satisfactory to Afghan people and government is ready to support it. The second vice president and Ahmad Nader Naderi, senior presidential advisor praised Supreme Court’s report of activity, adding such achievements should be preserved.
 Praising the activities of the Supreme Court, president Ghani said that we are witnessing a committed leadership in the Supreme Court which shows fundamental reforms have taken place and it is immense pleasure to see the court has begun implementation of law from its own institution. The president said that 285 judges are working and 66 others are receiving training. The president also instructed ministry of finance to ease financial cooperation to them so that all justice and judicial infrastructures to be built in the coming year.