Wed, Sep

Contract of 32 other projects


At a sum of AFN 317 million, the contracts for 32 utility projects were singed today between H.E. Eng. Nasir AhamadDurrani , the Minister of Rural Rehabilitation and Development (MRRD) and rep

Contracted projects, are including contraction of bridges, culverts,schools, roads, canals, deep wells, retaining walls and water supply networks that will be completed under the supervision of the Regionalintegration office , Water Supply Department ,   CARD – F and Rural Development Institute  in Nooristan , Farah , Kapisa , Baghllan , Daikundy, Ningarhar , Kunduz , Bamyan, Panjshir , Hearat ,Parwan and Logar provinces.
With the implementation of these projects, 21.141 working days will be also created. The mentioned projects   are goodtemporary employment opportunity for unemployed residents. That will be complemented in continuation of previous projects.
Minister of Rural Rehabilitation and Development emphasized on quality ofthe projects and asked the contractors for their responsibilities and more attention towards the implementation of the projects.
Abdul Latife one of the leaders of CDCs committed on behalf of the others and promised to take up these projects with great quality and time set, before the opening of implemented projects they will invite the members of the boardto monitor and evaluate the projects and express their opinions.
And he added that Contentment of the villagers and officials of the Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development in implementation of projects, is the first aim of the contractors.
At end of ceremony the Minister of Rural Rehabilitation and Development responded to questions from the reporters.