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13th ratification anniversary of constitution marked


President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Mohammad Ashraf Ghani and Chief Executive, Dr. Abdullah attended a great ceremony to mark the country’s 13th ratification anniversary of constitution here in Kabul, his office said Thursday.

President Ghani 3The leaders called on the entire Afghans to remain abiding by the nation’s constitution provisions, said the statement. President Ghani said the country’s judicial, executive and other civil entities not to be subjected to politics or deals, but all the country’s nationals’ share should be transparent in the professional and nation-oriented institutions, as he believed the nation was united, requiring a skilled institution to join.
Speaking on the ongoing sensitive critical situation, he pledged to settle issues according to the country’s laws. He assured to tackle all what his administration, he believed to have inherited from previous system, but said the people help was a need. “Respecting the law and tackling problems complying with the law is of our firm commitments, as we had both victories and seatbacks,” said the president adding what his administration inherited from the past was a longstanding crisis.
Meanwhile, speaking on the implementation of the two leaders’ political deal signed to shape the National Unity Government (NUG), CE, Dr. Abdullah said: “According to the political accord, there was a need to be considered in the constitution. “Ratification of the constitution in the past 13 years is a historical event, by which the Afghans could own a national assurance, after long period of anarchism and chaos,” said Abdullah who excluded some principles adherence to the Islamic tenets like Islamic Republicanism not to be amended in the constitution, while other parts needed elaboration, under special conditions, which he said are not still accessed. Both key NUG leaders hailed the country’s constitution a unique one in the region, but emphasized for an end to the culture of impunity. CE Abdullah highlighted the importance of the parliamentary system in Afghanistan but rejected any proposals believed to be interpreted opposing the constitution.
 Constitutional amendment is one of the key items of the commitments made to establish the government of national unity and is supposed to be discussed at a constitutional Loya Jirga stressing on the position of the chief executive or premiership and that the issue is quite clear and a commission for the constitutional amendment was also agreed. “But, unfortunately work has not so far been done in this field, said CE Abdullah who urged all what needed in this respect should happen in line with the constitution, not under any other document or dictation from foreign.
House Speaker, Abdul Rauf Ibarahimi blamed a certain individuals to have gained wealth and power by violating law. Unfortunately the culture of impunity is persistently continuing in the country, said the house speaker. “Apart from any political pressure, the justice and judicial organs should practice their resolutions, as if law was not enforced would have no value resemble a forgotten priced manuscript,” said Ibrahimi. Fazl Hadi Muslimyar, chairman of the country’s senate, also spoke in the ceremony and promised that if he or any of his colleagues found guilty before the law, they would apologize for that and would be ready to be questioned by the related sources.